Adventure Zip Tour

  • Adventure Zip Tour consist of traveling through Maine’s beautiful woods on six (6) zip wires connected to trees and utility poles where you zip from platform to platform.
  • Zip Lines are 75’-400’ long, and in between some zip wires there will be bridges and cargo nets that you will use to traverse to your next zip ride.
  • Adventure Zip Tours leave on a schedule so please be on time! Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your reservation.
  • Tours last roughly 2 hours, depending on the size of the group.
  • Groups consist of 2 guides and up to 6 guests.
  • There are 3 climbing elements involved with Take Flight’s Adventure Zip Tour.

Adventure Zip Tours are by Reservation ONLY.

Please call or click the button below to book!


Don’t have time for a full tour? Check out our Zip Jump! Climb up our Lobster Trap to the first zip line, go for a ride, then take a Quick Jump off the platform! It’s three adventures in one! Available as an add on to your Course and Zip Tour ticket, or try it out as its own mini-adventure.




Adventure Zip Line Tours

2 Hours Tour (includes 15 min preflight school). 

$62 per person

Zip Jump

Don’t have time for a full tour? Try out our Zip Jump! Roughly 20 minutes. 1 zip line & quick jump. 

$15 per person with Aerial Adventure Course ticket- $20 without